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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

2013 Heifers for sale

LEA Jory

This is a tremendous heifer out of LEA Gaynor, a Rebel daughter, sired by Flatheads Glen Calder.

LEA Jacquelyn

Jacquelyn is one of a set of twin heifers out of Impact Dam LEA Ariadne and sired by LEA Flint. Jillian is red and Jacquelyn is the black twin. Jillian was sold to Missouri.She is on the small side, but correct and quiet.

LEA Jayne

This white heifer inherits her calm and curious demeanor from her sire LEA Edradour. She is out of Impact Dam LEA Deirdre, a show-stopper as a calf.

LEA Jamboree Sold to Mississippi!

This yellow heifer should excel as a brood cow. her mother is Elite Impact Dam LEA Corrie and her sire is LEA Flint, whose pedigree is packed with performance animals on both sides.

Jamboree and Jaime

LEA Jinn

This dark red heifer just doesn't take a bad picture. She is put together correctly, with plenty of attitude. She is high quality brood cow material, but not as easily handled for the show ring.

LEA Jude

A striking young September born heifer, Jude is one of yet another set of twins born in 2013. She has a look-alike black sister, LEA Jura. Sired by Skye High X-Axis, out of a big, rangy young cow LEA Eileen Orr, this heifer should prove to be very dramatic. She was the favored child by her mother; Eileen weaned her sister about 2 months before we weaned Jude, so there was about 100 pounds difference in the two heifers weaning weights.

LEA Jura

Little sister to Jude, Jura is still playing catch up weight wise to her older (by minutes) sister.

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