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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

Photo Gallery

The Cow Herd The Cow Herd LEA Astarte Astarte as a yearling, flanked by Archangel. 109613740 LEA Beryl Beryl as a yearling. 109613741 LEA Dessa Dessa as a 2 year old. 109613742 LEA Eileen Orr Eileen at 24 months and just put in with the bull. 109613743 LEA Etta Place Full sister to LEA Fairly, and the 2nd highest priced heifer at the 2010 NWSS Highland sale (after the Grand Champion Female. Sold to Kansas. 109613744 Maple Lea Fog with LEA Willow Fog has produced some good heifers, including Willow, Circe and Deja Vu. 109613745 QM Glennkerri This big purchased addition is dam of LEA Deirdre and LEA Coffey 109613746 LEA Yellow Jacket Elite Impact Dam and mother of LEA Firefly. 109613748 LEA Kittery Kittery is the best cow we ever bred. An Elite Impact Dam she is shown here at age 17. 109613749 LEA Adelaide This Impact Dam has been a Champion Show heifer as well as hard working brood cow. 109613750 LEA Cybele Magnificent black daughter of DH Montgomery, sold at NWSS back to Michigan. 109613751 LEA Mystic Impact Dam and mother of Impact Sire LEA Raleigh 109613752 LEA Queen Regent Reggie is a herd favorite, and one of the few Ralph daughters remaining in the herd. She is an Elite Impact Dam. 109613753 Osceola Magnolia Elite Impact Dam, shown with her first calf. 109613754 LEA Queen Regent The grand old lady. 109613755 LEA Vision Vision shown with her outstanding yellow bull calf. 109613756 LEA Vision 109613757 LEA Vixen Elite Impact Dam just like her mother, Queen Regent. 109613758 LEA Voodoo Voodoo, Show Champion with her first calf, LEA Banshee. 109613759 LEA Willow Willow is a superb example of the breed, a hard working member of the cow herd, and a Champion Show Cow. She is a daughter of DH Montgomery. 109613760 LEA Yester Yester is another classic example of a Montgomery daughter, with excellent udder and disposition. Her dam is an Elite Impact Dam, and Yester has been a Champion Show Cow. 109613762 LEA Yester 109613763 LEA Zenith A daughter of Elite Impact Dam LEA Ovation, Zenith is an Impact Dam and is another great example of a Montgomery daughter. 109613764 LEA Zenith 109613765 LEA Cass A young, dramatically colored brindle cow, Cass is sired by DH Montgomery, out of Oneida, an Elite Impact Dam. 111967983 LEA Cass Showing off her dreadlocks. 111967984 LEA Cass A great wintertime shot. 111967985 LEA Coffey Another dramatic Montgomery daughter as a yearling. 111967987 LEA Dax Shown with her first calf, Dax is a great example of a Raleigh daughter, out of Show Champion LEA Willow. 111967988 LEA Deirdre Top quality Champion cow out of a top quality Show Champion; Deirdre is out of QM Glennkerri, and sired by LEA Raleigh. 111967989 LEA Ekaterina High-selling female at the 23rd Annual Highland Sale in Denver in January of 2011, Ekat is a fine example of a Raleigh daughter. 111967990 LEA Eleanor of Aquitaine What better name for the daughter of Queen Regent; Eleanor looks just like her dam Reggie. She is sired by Flatheads Cutty Sark. 111967991 LEA Elektra A top quality show heifer out of LEA Betelgeuse, sired by Owl Rock Xyris. 111967992 LEA Elektra I really like natural shots, as opposed to the photo-shopped variety of the cow magically standing in show stance with the background changed from show ring to pasture, and the halter erased from the photo. Patience and good cattle will get you a great photo that is all natural and legit. 111967993 LEA Elke Another great high-selling heifer at the NWSS in Denver in 2011, Elke was sired by LEA Becket and out of Elite Impact Dam LEA Yellow Jacket. 111967994 LEA Enigma A pretty nice, square hip and level topside, all in a natural shot taken without halter and out in the middle of a 40 acre pasture. Enigma is sired by Flatheads Cutty Sark, out of Elite Impact Dam LEA Quandary. 111967995 LEA Laurel and LEA Kittery with calves. A 35 mm photo that I scanned in, shows Laurel and Kittery, born in 91 and 90, with their calves from about 1998. 111967996 Group shot of Ralph daughters 111967997 LEA Ovation with LEA Ballard Ovation is an Elite Impact Dam, and Ballard is on her way to becoming one. 111967998 LEA Quandary Quandary as a young heifer. 111967999 LEA Burnt Umber with LEA Citadel Bertie was Roll of Excellence Show Cow of the year in 2006 thanks to this big, growthy bull sired by Owl Rock Xyris. 111968000 Weatherhill Jessica A good quality broodcow we purchased, sired by Weathercock of Swains. 111968001 LEA Yellow Jacket An Elite Impact Dam, a perfect lady and a Champion Show cow, out of Impact Dam Quiet Meadows Victoria, and sired by QM Alabaster. 111968002 LEA Kittery Probably about 17 years old in this photo. 111968003 QHH Miss Lilly A beautiful daughter of LEA Raleigh out of LEA Quinn. 111968004 LEA Poe with LEA Saffron Gold A dramatic MacTavish Daughter. 111968005 LEA Grusha 171550147 LEA Betelgeuse 171550148 LEA Deirdre 171550149 LEA Deirdre 171550150 LEA Eileen Orr 171550151 LEA Ecstacy 171550152 LEA Ballard 187757094