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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

Photo Gallery

Past Herd Sires Past Herd Sires LEA Becket SOLD Taken as a 2 year old. 111639447 LEA Raleigh AS a 2 year old 110514696 LEA Becket SOLD Born in March of 2005, Becket was shown successfully as a yearling. He is mild mannered, easy-keeping and has sired some high quality heifers and bulls for us. He has sons working in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nebraska. 111639448 LEA Raleigh 110514697 LEA Becket Sold 111639449 LEA Raieigh 110514698 LEA Becket SOLD Taken at 5 years of age. 111639450 Owl Rock Xyris We have had Xyris since he was a yearling. This is his last year of breeding, We decided to retire him at 10 years of age. 110513222 LEA Raleigh 110514699 LEA Becket SOLD Taken as a 4 year old. 111639451 Owl Rock Xyris Again, striking front end conformation 110513231 DH Montgomery photo taken by J. Farny 110514700 Owl Rock Xyris This photo, taken at age 3, shows off his length and muscular build. 110513232 Weatherhill Donald Ruadh (Dozer) 110514701 Flathead's Glen Moray Glen is a very dramatic, powerful bull that has demonstrated exceptional growth on grass. 110513233 Dozer 110514702 Flathead's Glen Moray His offspring too have shown to inherit this tendency. 110513229 Dozer and a friend 110514703 Flathead's Glen Moray Well-fleshed and easy keeping, Glen has a good disposition as well 110513334 Dozer 110514711 Dozer 110514712 GOF Ralph 110514704 GOF Ralph 110514708 Flathead's Cutty Sark 110514709 Flathead's Cutty Sark 110514710 LEA Denovan Adam 110514713 LEA Denovan Adam 110514714