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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

Photo Gallery

Yearling heifers photographed in 2011 Yearling heifers photographed in 2011 LEA Gadabout The first calf out of Skye High Uganda, this thick, deep heifer is sired by Flatheads Glen Moray. She was born April 1, 2010 and will be at the National Western this month. 111628576 LEA Galetea and LEA Gardyloo 111628582 LEA Gethin SOLD 111628592 LEA Grusha This big, attractive heifer is the first calf out of LEA Do Svidanya, a growthy young cow sired by Flatheads Cutty Sark. Grusha is sired by Sunset Rebel Yell and could be a serious contender in the show ring, as well as a top producing brood cow. She was born 4/16/2010. 111628597 LEA Gabe SOLD 128226927 Group of heifers Gaea (blonde) Gadabout (black) Gardenia (dun) 128226928 LEA Galetea 128226929 LEA Gardyloo 128226930 LEA Genevieve 128226932 LEA Gardenia SOLD 128226933 LEA Glynis 128226935 LEA Golda with LEA Guinivere 128226936 LEA Grady 128226937 LEA Grusha 128226938 LEA Guinivere SOLD 128226939 LEA Gaea SOLD 128226940 LEA Galadriel SOLD 128226941 LEA Ganymedes SOLD 128226942 LEA Garnet with LEA Gloriosa 128226943 LEA Genevieve 128226944 LEA Glenda SOLD 128226946 LEA Gloxinia 128227050 LEA Grusha 128227051 LEA Gossamer with LEA Gytha 128227052 LEA Grusha 128227053 LEA Guinivere SOLD 128227054 LEA Gabe SOLD 128227056 LEA Galadriel SOLD 128227057 LEA Ganymedes SOLD 128227058 Gardyloo and Galetea 128227059 LEA Gaenor 128227060 LEA Genevieve 128227061 LEA Gladys 128227062 LEA Glynis 128227064 LEA Gossamer 128227065 LEA Grady 128227066 LEA Grusha 128227067 LEA Gaea SOLD 128227069 LEA Galadriel SOLD 128227070 LEA Gardenia SOLD 128227071 LEA Genevieve 128227073 LEA Gethin SOLD 128227074 LEA Gloriosa 128227075 LEA Glynis 128227076 LEA Golda 128227077 LEA Grady 128227078 LEA Grusha 128227079 LEA Guinevere SOLD 128227080 LEA Red Gold 128227081 LEA Gadabout 128227082 LEA Galadriel SOLD 128227083 LEA Ganymedes SOLD 128227084 LEA Garnet SOLD 128227085 LEA Genevieve 128227086 LEA Georgie 128227087 LEA Glenda SOLD 128227088 LEA Gloxinia 128227089 LEA Gytha SOLD 128227090 LEA Gossamer 128227091 LEA Greer 128227092 LEA Guinivere SOLD 128227093 LEA Gytha SOLD 128227094 128227095 LEA Red Gold 128227096 LEA Red Gold 128228713