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LEA-White Farms Registered Highland Cattle

Charlotte, Michigan

Photo Gallery

Denver NWSS 2013 Denver NWSS 2013 Senior Heifer Championship Ginny leads Grusha out as Senior Heifer Champion: Derek is right behind with Gadabout as Reserve 174570650 March Junior Heifer Calves Ginny leading Ingenue in class 174570651 Pair of Heifers Jake and Ginny lead Hedy and Ingenue in the Jackpot Class for Best Pair of Heifers, We placed 3rd, behind Skyler's gorgeous and well-matched pair in first and Frank Silva's pair in Second. A big and fun class with the top 3 pairs sharing the pot. 174570652 Pair of Heifers 174570653 Halcyon Ginny leads Halcyon in Junior Yearling Heifer Division 174570654 Senior Heifer Championship Ginny sets up Grusha, while Skyler shows Genevieve in the front of her. 174570655 Senior Heifer Division Ginny and Derek 174570657 Igraine Ingraine took a 4th in a big class, but went on to become 2nd High-selling heifer the next day at the sale. 174570825 Championship line-up Colin Demuth shows Ingenue in the Female Championship class 174570872 LEA Grusha, Champion Senior Heifer 174570873 Genevieve Genevieve in the sales ring, where she went high-selling heifer. 174570874 Championship line-up Jake sets up Hedy in the Female run-off for Grand 174570875 Grand Champion Female 174570876 Senior Heifer Championship Class Ginny sets up Grusha while Genevieve made the line-up too. This was a strange sensation: we had the 1st and 2nd place in the 2nd break of Senior Heifers, and the 1st place winner of the 1st break. So we were getting Division, just didn't know who. 174570917 Halcyon Halcyon was a surprise to me; taking Reserve Junior Yearling Heifer, beating out some top quality heifers for the spot. 174570918 Hedy in Female Championship class 174570922 Jr. Heifer Class line-up 174570924 Jake shows off Hedy 174570925 Best Three Head Adding Gadabout to the black pair upped our placing in the Jackpot Classes and we moved up to 2nd, again, behind Skyler and his pair of heifers plus what ended up being the Grand champion Bull. 174570926 Grusha and Ginny The way a cow should look walking out: look at that topline!! 174570927 Hedy wins!! 174570663 Pair of Heifers 174570664 Pair of Heifers 174570665 Grusha Ginny shows off Grusha to the Judge in the Champion Female line-up 174570666 Jr. Heifer Calf Reserve and Champion Jr. Heifer Calves 174570667 Genevieve in Class Ginny leads Genevieve to a 1st place in the 1st break of Senior Heifers. 174570715 Best 3 Head Cody Talbot evaluates some fine sets of animals. 174570716 2nd Best 3 Head A pretty nice trio. 174570717 Ginny and Hedy Hedy gets Intermediate Yearling Heifer Championship 174570718 Best 3 Head 174570719 The Beauty Pageant The judge would place some classes from the bottom up; much like a beauty pageant. So these ended up Miss America and the 2 runners-up. 174570958 Hedy gets Grand 174570959 Ginny beaming. Halcyon takes Reserve Division 174571311 Gadabout in the Female Championship 174571312 Senior Heifer Championship Class 174571313 Hedy in Class 174571314 Ingenue in the Championship Drive 174571315 Hedy in the Championship Drive Jake kept working Hedy every time the judge passed. He rotated back legs to give the judge the best view from each side as he passed. 174571316 Gadabout 174571317 Ginny's smile 174570731 174570732 Derek leads Gadabout in class. Gadabout really doesn't show well: she likes to plod around the ring in no real hurry, and she doesn't like to hold her head up. It paid off to have Derek take her in. He is strong enough to keep that head in the air. 174570733 The final line-up for the 2nd Senior Heifer Class Mike Mower of Kalispell, MT, had a tremendous bred heifer that took third, behind Grusha in first and Gadabout in 2nd. 174570734 Gadabout as Reserve Senior Heifer I've dragged this poor cow to virtually every show I could get her in, and finally found a judge who likes the cow as much as I do. 174571335 Grusha 174571336 Ingenue in Class 174571337 174571322 Halcyon wins Reserve Jr. Yearling 174571323 174571340 Gadabout I love this cow, and am so glad she finally did well at a show (and the NWSS at that.) 174571341 174571342 Ingenue as Champion Jr. Heifer Calf 174571463 Ginny leads Hedy out of the ring Intermediate Yearling Heifer Champ 174571464 Genevieve in front I never expected this heifer to take a blue ribbon, but damn she looked fine! 174571465 Jake and Heddy Win Big! 174571466 174571467 Hedy as Intermediate Yearling Heifer Champ 174571468 174571361 174571362 Grusha My favorite photo of Grusha, just looking classy and stylish. 174571363 Grusha Never quite sure what kind of show cow she would make, as her dam was way too much of a handful for me to show more than once. But this lady has taken to the show ring. 174571364 Ginny and Ingenue Leading Ingenue out with a blue in a big class. 174571365 Genevieve Again, that broad butt of Genevieve in the front. 174571366 174571367