Denver 2015

Another great year, although the highlight turned out to be LEA Haaken's offspring. Why we didn't put him into Get of Sire is beyond me;  but he certainly proved himself to be a prepotent sire.


In addition to Haaken's get, we had a couple of pretty good entries under our name as well.  LEA Joelle took a second in a big and competitive class; Jordyn took a division reserve, as did Illya.  All in all, our grass raised and fed cattle were competitive across the board with the heavy, grain-fed cattle. 


Illya probably went in with the biggest disadvantage, but handled it admirably.  Born in September, he had to go up against the full spectrum of two year old bulls, taking Reserve Division to a bull 5 months older who went on to become Grand Champion.  Had Illya been on the same diet, the competition would have been a little closer.



LEA Joelle in the ring.  She sold to Wisconsin the next day.  One of the higher selling females.


 LEA Kat just plain looking good.

My favorite, LEA Jolene, a Junior Yearling heifer who is not presently for sale.



LEA Jordyn a tremendous Senior Heifer Calf


 LEA Jitterbug profiling well.








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