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NEW Website!!!  Please take a look at our new website. I have many more photos of the bulls and their offspring. The following link will take you to the Index Page for Semen.

Pitcher Mountain MacTavish

MacTavish was the second bull we purchased, and the first in a long line of excellent dun-colored animals we have owned.  He was purchased at the National Western Stock Show, and went on to produce excellent brood cows and some show stoppers in there too.  His offspring had the best feet of any cattle we have ever owned.  A number of my top show competitors have Mactavish in their bloodlines.

  He was an excellent, tall, dun bull out of old U.S bloodlines from New Hampshire. MacTavish produced tall, big cattle, with excellent feet and legs, and threw virtually all colors in his offspring. At various times we have had white, dun, red and black offspring of his in the herd. We still have a few of his daughters, all with excellent hooves that have never been trimmed. MacTavish’s semen is available for pickup at the farm.


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