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We offer a variety of Highland cattle for sale, including bred cows, heifers, bulls and steers.We stand behind every animal we sell. Registered breeding stock comes with an automatic breeding guarantee. Over the years we have had dozens of satisfied customers. You don't have to ask for a copy of our guarantee, our word is as good as any contract, although if you would prefer a written guarantee, we will supply it. Since 1983, we have only had to replace 4 animals for failure to breed.Two of those went on to become pregnant within months of return to our husbandry.

Our cattle are unpampered, and other than small amounts of grain over their first winter as babies, they receive no regular concentrates. (We are guilty of bribing the older animals with grain if necessary for movement from one pasture to the next, although usually just the new pasture is incentive enough.) We've had our herd long enough to know our breeding lines; what their strong points are expected to be, and what their weak points are. We don't rely on just pretty looks to get them or us by, we know how our cattle will perform, based on years of experience.Our yearlings and 2 year olds are well grown and conditioned without being fat, and on pasture, so you know when you purchase them they have a healthy intestinal tract and can go on to reproduce and grow on a forage-based diet.

We don't sell defective cattle; if we discover older cows with problem udders, they will go into our freezer, they will not be sold to become someone else's problem. Cows that no longer raise a decent calf due to old age or mastitis don't go onto our sales list. If you want to purchase a bottle baby, ours is not the farm to come to. We expect our cows to raise their calves themselves.

If we are forced to do the raising for them, that cow is butchered. Period. We do have soft spots for certain of our animals, but overall, our cows are expected to work for us, and in exchange, we will give them a humane home in the breeding herd as long as they keep up their end of the bargain.

We have semen available from 7 excellent bulls that we have owned in the past, or are still working on our farm. Our bulls are selected with care. If we purchase an animal that doesn't work out, for whatever reason, we do not continue to use him Sometimes this is because a bull doesn't meet our particular needs, but may suit someone else very well. Other times, we just discover we have made a mistake, and a bull doesn't pan out as expected. Again, he is butchered rather than turned into someone else's headache

We sell a number of registered bulls a year. These are the top animals from our calf crop. Every spring and fall, we evaluate the bulls based on conformation, growth and bloodlines. Those that don't make the grade are castrated and the top of the bull crop is allowed to remain intact until the next evaluation. When you purchase a bull from us, be assured that you are buying one of our top animals. The lower 2/3 of our bull crop will be beef, and there are some fine animals in that group. Needless to say, the ones we leave as bulls are even nicer. With as large a herd as we have, and as diverse as the bloodlines represented, we usually have a stellar set of yearling bulls available for purchase. Right now we have everal outstanding weanlings sired by everal

 outstanding weanlings sired by our Canadian Champion Sunset Rebel Yell, and our outstanding young Montana bull Flathead's Glen Moray,

These are just a couple of the quality yearling bulls that have been raised on our farm

We have always searched out some of the best bloodlines combined with truly functional cattle when we bring in a new bull. This brings new bloodlines into the Michigan area, as well as allows us to have a very diverse herd.

Beef: We sell USDA inspected beef available at the farm, or by the 1/4 or 1/2 at select times of the year.

Hay Feeders: We have excellent custom built hay feeders designed with Highland cattle in mind.

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Why buy from us?

Honesty and integrity still mean

something here at LEA-White Farms

We have over 25 years experience.

We automatically include a breeding

guarantee on all our registered stock.

We can offer advise on virtually

any Highland cattle concern,

from fencing and feeding,

to selection and veterinary care.

Most importantly, we sell

good cattle and we back them up.



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