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I am rebuilding our website on a different server. The new site has some more dramatic photo effects and slide show presentations available that we feel helps better showcase our farm and cattle. Unfortunately, I can't just transfer the web address to our new site without leaving a tremendous number of pages that have been searched on Google over the years with a giant "sorry, this page was not found." To combat that potential problem, the new site has been given a new domain name. Please check out .

I have the "Semen for Sale" section almost completed; I have many more photos of the bulls and their offspring. The following link will take you to the Index Page for Semen.

Semen for sale

Over the years, we have used a number of exceptional herd sires, some purchased and some home bred. We have had several of these bulls semen collected for the advantage of other breeders, as well as future generations. These bulls include GOF Ralph, from the famous Glen Osprey Farm in Ontario, Pitcher Mountain MacTavish, from Pitcher Mountain Farm in New Hampshire, Weatherhill Donald Ruadh, a grandson of the great Gille Buidhe of Benmore; LEA Raleigh, a magnificent home-bred bull, DH Montgomery, sire of multiple show winners and exceptional broodcows; Flathead's Glen Moray, a promising young sire out of Montana; Sunset Rebel Yell, a  tremendous

show bull, undefeated in his Division during a stellar 3 year show history in Canada, with numerous Champion and Grand Championships to his name; and last, but not least, LEA Haaken, an exceptional young sire boasting conformation, disposition, show presence and beef muscling, all in a classic, moderate frame.

Semen from three of the bulls can be picked up right here at LEA-White Farms, and semen from all of the bulls can be shipped anywhere in the country from Great Lakes Sire Service in Bronson, Michigan.

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