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We have been fortunate to do reasonably well when we have chosen to show our cattle in a "formal" setting. As I have explained elsewhere (and everywhere) we don't believe in special treatment for our cows that do end up in the show ring. They come out of the pasture "as is" and we go from there. Our philosophy has paid off in some years, others it has not, but that hasn't changed our determination to present our cattle in the condition you would expect to find them on our farm, minus the mud and the burrs.

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Why buy from us?

Honesty and integrity still mean

something here at LEA-White Farms

We have over 25 years experience.

We automatically include a breeding

guarantee on all our registered stock.

We can offer advise on virtually

any Highland cattle concern,

from fencing and feeding,

to selection and veterinary care.

Most importantly, we sell

good cattle and we back them up.



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